Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving On or Moving Forward?

{ Although this particular blog is posted during sorority recruitment here at Texas A&M, take relief knowing that this has nothing to do with that process! Writing is just a way for me to catch my breath  this week, exciting as it has been!  Regardless, if you're a potential new member currently going through rush, my encouragement is to please follow your heart and choose the sorority where you feel the Lord is leading you to serve Him best, not where you'll be comfortable.  It's easy to go through college living in a comfort bubble, but when did Christ call us to be comfortable? Be in tune with His spirit, listen well, and go. ("Here I am, send me!"- Isaiah 6:8) }

The concept of moving on versus moving forward has been a spinning concept in my head throughout this summer. You hear people talking about "moving on" everywhere- songs, TV shows, magazines, Facebook statuses, tweets, blog postings. I was driving one day and counted eight songs about moving on in just under two hours. Our world is obsessed with moving on from whatever is holding us back, but rarely do you hear someone talk about moving forward.

 Okay, so what's the difference, you say? I tapped into the strong intellectual skills college has taught me....and googled it.

[Moving]:  capable of or having movement; causing or producing motion.
 [on]: so as to remain supported or attached from; so as to be attached or unified with.
[forward]:  toward a place, point or time in advance; ahead

Put two and two together and you'll see that when you try to move on from a hope, dream, person, situation, you're still attached to them while attempting to make motion. It's like trying to swim across a pool with a huge ball and chain attached to your ankle: not gonna happen. Moving forward, however, brings hope. Nowhere in "forward" does it mention current attachment, meaning you have complete and total freedom in pressing forward toward that place, point, or time in advance!

I don't know where you are in your life right now, but I pray you're striving to move forward instead of settling for just moving on. Agree to surrender it all to Him by laying it at His feet by just being open and honest with Him, then trust Him to break the chains of hurt, bitterness, or confusion in order to help you move forward instead of moving on. Christ breathed freedom into my life this summer by showing me the difference between the two, and although it's not an overnight transformation, it's a work in progress. For me, it means giving my burdens over to Him every morning, sometimes every hour depending on the situation. 

Trusting Him to heal your heart while also moving you forward is more fulfilling than staying attached to all that was holding you. It's not easy, but He is mighty, powerful, and strong.
He loves you. 

"Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest..." Matthew 11:30

"Lord, You're mightier than these problems. You have a plan for my life, and staying attached to this hurt is not apart of Your will. Break the chains. Amen."